Artefacts for Shattered: Tale of The Forgotten King perform a variety of offensive, defensive and support functions of all magic related and encountered as the wanderer makes their journey. Artefacts would be encountered and gained by the wanderer goes through its journey. 



Name Descriptions Location
Ether Bolt

"I read through ever single occult publication found in the city's underground markets.
I go back to my previous readings, find new ones and challenge the forbidden. My mind is on the brink, but my soul reamains steadfast. The ink courses under my skin, as my walls become adroend with sigils and maddening arabesques of inconceivable miracles.
I devour knowledge itself. Concrete and astral become one. 
I dance in between worlds."

R'lya Notebook -1943 GC
Data from the past future.

Cost: 3 Ether

Gained as you go through limbo. Taken as part of the artefact tutorial.

"Valnir's creations are fascinating. Not only for their incredible efficiency, but also because they emerged from one of the calmest and most analytical minds I've known. That this Astyr could create such terrible artifacts... I wonder what he sees in them."
Noah arh Gheri

One of the artefacts created by legendary Medarch Vahnir. Temporarily over-activates the Hadronite contained in setient weapons to greatly increase their damage.

Cost: 18 Ether
Duration: 1 minute

Sold by Valnir in the Imbolt Marches for 20000 essence.

"If you think your weapon is your main tool, you are mistaken. Leave your spear behind, but never forget your aegis."
Ayud the Composed

Individual force shield generator.
This model regenerates using its bearer's bio-electrical energy, but doesn't compare to a normal shield in the long run.

Obtained by slaying a unique spear guard wielding it. Part of the normal story progression and can't be missed.
Enhanced Ether Bolt

"Something is moving.
Somewhere on a parallel plane, maybe, something is moving. I can feel it when my eyes are closed.
My silver key is dragging me further down the darkness of the Dream. I can hear faded voices- countless heartbeats of distant beings I can never reach.
There is an Elsewhere, beyond the dreamscape, calling for help."
R'lya's Notebook - 1984 GC

Data from the past future.

Artifact given by the silent Wanderer in Limbo.

Cost: 6 Ether

Void Cross

"They chase each other and always find themselves. The Dark Wanderer knows the answers will be his when the Other is dead.
He hears him coming, before reality falls once more into dark tatters that wither between worlds.
This time..."

A violent energy projections that transcends the planes. Non-identified energy source.

Aksha, Coat of Shadow

"I accept the proposition that this plane, our material reality, is but one dimension amidst many others. It's one thing to be able to perceive them through the use of mathematics. But the fact that the Prometheans, and especially Chrononzon, are able to freely gaze upon them, attain them and walk upon them... It has me swinging between deep fascination and an almost religious form of dread."
Arhu the Industrial

A prototype developed by the Sentient's lodge of Niphur.
Allows its bearer to switch between planes and become temporarily undetectable.

Cost: 20 Ether
Duration: 1 minute

Behind the glowing door at the end of the Abandoned Bastion, a side area that is unmarked in the main map. South of the Temple of Sitra, in the middle of the lake. The entrance is behind the "Strange Sphere".

Yed Prior, Serpent Fang

"I fail to understand how the Medarch and his students can manipulate a form of energy they do not understand. Of course, I admire their power and will, and I envy some of their techniques, like the wondrous Yed Prior, but I feel that I would need more, if I were to attain such mastery levels. I would need knowledge. What if this energy they channel comes from another plane? A place they are unknowingly drying up, little by little? Or are they breathing life into a new form of sentience, by fusing particles from different worlds?
... We might not live long enough to find out."
Commander Saren

Energy sculpted into three fangs projected at great speeds. Its power is unstable, dangerous for the caster, and its use is forbidden, except under special circumstances.

Cost: 10 Ether


Ras Algol, Ophidian Breath

"I saw Ras Algol unleashed, for the first time, and it may have changed me. Our master had been elusive, only giving us vague descriptions. When he channeled the Ophidian Breath, I felt as if the world was crumbling down. Knowing one being can generate such destruction both fascinates and terrifies me."
Valthiel, Medarch Valnir's student

Brutal unleashing of the energy gathered during Mohen Astra activation. Its destructive power equals that of a standard Autarch cruiser's cannon battery and its use is strictly forbidden, except under special circumstances.

Cost: 15 Ether

Given by Valnir in exchange for Andras' Essence right after Andras' boss fight at the end of Khotar Stronghold.

Oph, Serpent Blade


"Valnir's creations are fascinating. Not only for their incredible efficiency, but also because they emerged from one of the calmest and most analytical minds I've known. That this Astyr could create such terrible artifacts... I wonder what he sees in them." Noah arh Gheri 

One of the Ophiuchus artifacts created by Medarch Valnir.
It temporarily overstimulates the Hadronite within sentient weapons to strongly improve the damage they deal.

Cost: 18 ether
Duration: 45 seconds

Reward for the last meeting in Varlnir's questline, next to the portal in "The Frontier"



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