Choron is an NPC in Shattered: Tale of The Forgotten King


" The transformation is so small it's almost imperceptible. The rascal's
mane slowly tidied. Darkened, until it reached the deepest ebony color.
The hazel eyes lost all nuance and gained the worrying sparkle of a steel
grey... The mocking traits now left place to a freezing indifference. The
body matches the rest: dry, sharp like razor's edge. And on each visible
bit of skin, thin and pale lines highlight the ensemble, enhancing it with a
morbid virility. An informal beauty, horribly violent. Implacable.
Countless scars. "

Choron is the door. He is the key. He is the way. From the dawn of
Hypnos, he resides in the heart of all things, in the palace of thousand
doors where the King presides. From his body are issued countless keys
opening each way, each portal allowing us to go through realms from one
end to the other and to the ends of the world, where primordial beasts and
great Cardinal Lords live. Choron's power is greater than any other, as he
defies the very laws of Hypnos. He is space. He is time. And the unchanging
bridge that links them to each instant.

No Demiurge lashed out at Choron, as if they sensed the insolent immortality
of the Guardian. For as long as the universe is, Choron will exist and,
unshakeable, he will watch over the onyx and silver keys that were,
are and will be. And maybe beyond it. Although his thoughts are
unfathomable and his will escapes us, he sometimes helps the Wanderers
lost in limbo to reach the lands of Myosis, Mydriase and Fuscant, leaving
some doors half-open...

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