Combat information for Shattered: Tale of The Forgotten King contains information regarding basic tips and tricks for the combat system of the game. Players can find information on both basic and advanced tips that can help both new and veteran players to better understand the combat mechanic as well as various actions and moves that can be executed.

  • Combat is similar to the Souls series, with blocking and attacking with combos, but more deliberate as you must complete your actions before performing another.
  • There is a light and heavy attack, and attacking and dodging are all tied to a stamina bar; thankfully jumping is excluded from this.
  • A dodge roll, leaping forward dash and a double jump tie the game's dungeon crawling and platforming influences together.
  • Allows for drop attacks

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To lock onto a target, press button when you are within lock on range to it, indicated by a small white dot on the selected enemy. Lock-On is a feature which focuses the camera on a target letting the player easily direct their attacks and other abilities. It also allows the player character to face the locked on enemy at all times, even when moving away from them so that they could not be backstabbed.

  • Only enemies can be locked onto. If an NPC is friendly, pressing X in front of them will not cause the camera to be locked on to them.
    • Alternatively, if someone appears friendly but can be locked on to, that means they are hostile.



Health is displayed in the top left of your screen with a small red bar, and it determines your capacity to take damage without dying. It can be restored through the use of various Life Fragments, and the regain system. If it runs out you will die. It's maximum amount can be increased by leveling up vitality. 


Stamina is noted at the top left of your screen underneath your health, and determines how many attacks and dodges you can perform before needing to recharge, how long you can sprint for, etc.. It's maximum amount can be increased by leveling up vitality . Different actions will consume different amounts of stamina.Your stamina would regenerate whenever no stamina-consuming moves are being performed (walking does not consume stamina). 


Weapons can be used to parry incoming attacks at the cost of Stamina. Note that the stamina cost consumed half of the pool at the first few levels so this is a very limited option. After Parrying a counter can be performed.


Sneak up on your enemy by walking quietly, light pressure on the left stick. When you get within range, hold R2 and execute a fully charged R2 attack. Should the attack land on the opponent's back, it will be knocked down and open to a riposte, performed by pressing R1.


Combat in Shattered is fast and frentic, dodging and evading enemy attacks to stay out of harm's way and position yourself strategically to strike is the key to survival. Use the CTRL button to get somewhere, or away from something, fast. 

Charged Attack.

When holding the either the Light attack or Heavy Attack button then releasing. The wanderer would perform a charged attack but it would cost a significant amount of stamina to do so.

Roll Attack

While performing a roll, the wanderer may perform an attack. The direction of the roll will not change with the attack so the wanderer must roll towards an enemy and then perform the attack in order to connect.

Drop Attack

After performing a jump, the wanderer can perform a drop attack with your weapon. Simply attack after performing a jump

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