Consumables for Shattered: Tale of The Forgotten King can be the looted, found or bought items that can be consumed  by the Wanderer as they make their journey in trying to piece together the mystery of the fallen world. Effects range from restoring health, ether or just gives essence. Categories for the wiki are separated for player convenience into:





Name Description Location
Life Fragment

 A molecular distillation of potential being that looks like a piece of Hadronite that has seen its density and texture modified. It seems to be the result of a long attempt at researching the regenerative abilities of such matter. The Astyr use this to restore vitality when they can't get any sleep or appropriate treatment. 

[Instabilities detected: causal disruptions possible]

Can be found around the game, Sold by merchants and also dropped by enemies. 
Ether Fragment

A raw piece of translucent crystal that radiates small quantities of ethereal energy. 

[No factual data: origin unknown]

 Can be found around the game, Sold by merchants and also dropped by enemies. 
Residual Essence

 Energy level below the critical threshold, data impossible to restore.

Fragment of a stray soul. 

Found throughout the game randomly.
Superior Essence
Graceful Essence
Delicate Essence

Corrupted Data, Impossible to restore.

The Essence of a lost soul

Stabalized Essence

Stable data [compiling done] memory analysis on hold..

Essence of a common soul

Mark of Choronzon

"The Promethean looked up at his disciple, who had eagerly absorbed all of his master's teachings. In his shaky hand shone the first key that would open all the doors"

A mark with complex lines reminiscent of the curves of time. Some unknown analog technology. Allows free return to the Heart of Limbo.

Ancient Catalyst
"From Kaamos' brilliant work emerges a revolutionary device capable of capturing the manifestations of memory that are let out in death. This will completely transform the making of our Memorem. It seems combining it with a greater system could soon allow us to rebuild even the very consciousness of our dead..."

A brilliant condensation of ancient technology restoring its uder's vitality.



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