Locations for Shattered: Tale of The Forgotten King are located on this page. Shattered challenges players to explore the entire wide-ranging zone they enter into, and then to subsequently solve it as a large-scale puzzle. The zones are all separated from each other and are entered into via portals within a central hub, similar to the Nexus in Demon's Souls.

Each zone is made of :

  • One major puzzle that the player has to solve to go on the adventure.
  • Three minor puzzles which can grant access to secret zones or different scene nodes.

During the major puzzle portion, you'll be solving a progression puzzle, such as obtaining a key item to activate a device allowing for passage to the next phase. Then you must survive a platforming gauntlet of traps and mazelike passageways. The levels unfurl across the 2D and 3D dimensions, adding to the challenge. Along this journey, you will be squaring off in combat against a variety of enemies, and you will have access to different weapons and armor. Combat will take place mostly in the 2D perspective but there will be moments of 3rd person 3D combat.



The World of Hypnos

« Some say that here on Hypnos, not a single being resembles another. There are countless clans, realms, and a few old and dubious bloodlines, but they are as strange as they are short-lived. Our bodies sometimes change at the whim of the kingdom’s shifting, of our emotions, or of some poetic randomness.

Only an Hypnosean’s mask remains the same throughout his life, along with his name, if he has one. The masks are our guardians and protect our essence; they are witnesses to our souls. Their patterns, whether plain or complex, bear witness to our intentions, our personalities, and our ranks. They shelter the inaudible murmurs of our thoughts, which only the whisperers can express with their nebulous voices. Isn’t it so ? Names, however, are not as common as you would think.

To name something means to define its nature, to give an absolute meaning to its existence. Even those who own the Gift of speech do not have such a power, which falls entirely into the hands of the King. »




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