Mydriase is a location in Shattered: Tale of The Forgotten King



Time and space are lost in Mydriase. They are searching for themselves, undoubtedly, but their erratic movements give this fragment of the world the look of a delirious, ever-changing painting. Here, fantasy and obsession blend to produce haunting visions. What once was a place of wisdom and science is now nothing more than illusions; repetitive re-enactments of senseless cycles across illogical landscapes where countless amounts of knowledge are constantly lost. Or become lies.

There was a city, once. It was the jewel of the external circle, a model of invention and thought. A mighty Demiurge made it his domain, and thus changed it. He duplicated it, expanding it into the horizon and beyond to create a maze of shadows and steel. It stretches up to the fiery lands, where other strange and intelligent monsters sleep.

And there’s the Tower…

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