The Demiurges are NPCs in Shattered: Tale of The Forgotten King

The Demiurges

The Demiurges, or creator, is the deity responsible for the creation of the
physical universe in many wSmogonies. The word comes from the Greek
demiourgos, formed of  “demos”, meaning “common people” and
“ergos” meaning "world". Literally, the word meant artisan or builder. We
attribute to Plato the first mention of Demiurge, whom he defines as the organizer
god that created the world out of preexisting matter.

In Gnosticism (Yaldabaoth), it’s an ‘ stubborn, short-tempered,
“emanating from the real God", he is the cause of evil by his disastrous
creation that mixed matter to the divine spark. This creation of which the
origin were rebellion and his choice for the other angels of free will (rebellion
comes from free will, an ability that angels usually do not possess), created in
the physical world he painted. the eternal dualism. This imperfect matter
produced evil by imperfection and essence, but also by opposition to the soul’s
perfection (Gnosticism) The physical worid was then superimposed to man-
kind’s vision, making them ignorant and blind of all truth, realities and
wisdoms (gnosis.)

There are twelve Demiurges. The ashes, the corpses set in time and silence
show their dreadful power and their boundless cruelty. They were hundreds,
or thousands, coming from the void or a distant universe.

'Iheir battle tore the earth and shattered reality, while even our massacre was
not even for them, they ate each other in an ocean of blood and darkness.
Those left are sharing the ruins, shaping nature to their own image and play
with our corpses like fallen puppets to ease their eternal boredom. They are the
destroyer gods and kings of Hypnos, and without the King, they will reign as
masters on its corrupted and silent reflection. Now and forever.


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