The Geodesist is an NPC in Shattered: Tale of The Forgotten King

The Geodesist

« Vastness offers itself to our gazes. The term of cave would be too reductive for the cyclo-
pean cavity opening up below our feet and over our heads. Its spherical edge couldn’t hide
its purely artificial origin, however I think we just entered the very heart of the world, such
omnipresent and crushing is the ancestral and primordial atmosphere that reigns here.
The walls seem so far away from our insignificant bodies, that even my spirit almost gets
lost in impossible suggestions relative to these mad dimensions. My senses, although sen—
sitive to this gigantic paradox, wouldn’t trump me; and without exaggerating, the vastest
cathedral that the young races ever built would easily fit in this void-like space.

Only one element breaks the plenitude of this infinite orb. The very one that bears our
steps and extends in front of us. A way. A bridge, suspended at mid-height of the room,
traversing it from end to end. A bridge going through the abyss. Wide of about twenty feet,
the only really possible, it goes opposite us from where we arrived. lightly curving down-
wards in its center so that we can make out, even from this distance, the door far away and
so thin, that only can lead us to the exit.

I remember. That’s where I went through, the last time.

And maybe the one before that. »

We know so little about the mysterious individual who calls himself Geodesian. He is said
to be cartographer, scientist, erudite. We believe him to be moody, of a soft madness. Or more.
Should we credit to him the creation of these complex and troubling structures that
are the Geodesic doors, or did he give himself the doubtful credit? In any case, it is evident
that his knowledge on the History and changing geography of these realms is vast, and
curiously precise. Too much, perhaps.

The pages of his journal and entire parts of his many codex are scattered here and there in
the world’s ruins. There is a multitude of secrets. But many whisper that he still lives,
somewhere beyond the gates. Outside of this world and time.


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