The King is an NPC in Shattered: Tale of The Forgotten King


The King

"He wakes up, alone in the heart of frozen space...
An infinity of lights pierce through obscurity, nascent lights or dying stars convulsing and silently travelling through time.
They ignore his birth, as their vast consciousness is indolent.

He contemplates the mistakes in the matter, infinite particles; and the strange consequences of their quantic ballet.
Burning fusions, titanic explosions propagating in iridescent waves and reverberate until the ends of the universe.

He discovers, without curiosity or passion, lulled by a deaf melancholy. He already senses everything that was, is and will be.
Simply, he knows. We're not born only once.
He waits for a moment; Hesitates. There remains the illusory idea of a different choice, another branch of possibilities and nebulous dreams.
Out of this world and time. Ephemeral.

So with a thought he arranges the void.
With a look, he assembles the world.
And with a whisper he creates them.

First were born the three oceans separating the terrestrial discs, nerves attached to his left hand, weaving within themselves and sometimes adopting
forms recognizable by mortal souls. Rig, Yem and Naga, the very ancient, first-borns of Hypnos, as dangerously powerful as primitive.
Entropic and untamable beasts, as were the world's first times. To contain their savagery, he created divine covers capable of welcoming
the four fundamental forces governing reality, and gave them a conscience close to his.
To fill the absence and erase an entire era of solitude..."

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