Controls for Shattered: Tale of The Forgotten King consists of an overview of the game's mechanism and its corresponding action for each platform. Listed below are the details for Steam. Players will control The Wanderer in 2.5D-style while exploring the game and fighting small enemies and in 3D when fighting bosses. The keys can be customized but the listed buttons here are the default for the Qwerty settings.

The game has two keyboard layouts options selectable: Qwerty and Azerty 





Move Forward - W

Move Backward - S

Move Left - A

Move Right - D

Jump - Space

Interact - E

Sprint - Left Shift

Walk - Left Alt


Light Attack - Mouse Left Click

Heavy Attack - Mouse Right Click

Parry - Q

Camera lock - Middle Mouse button



Previous Quick Access - 1

Next Quick Access - 2

Spell Switch - 3

Use Quick Access - F


Show HUD - H

Quick Access - I 

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