The Whisperer is an NPC in Shattered: Tale of The Forgotten King.


The Whisperer

Hypnos has always been a world without words.

It is impossible to know whether its residents had no access to language or if they simply
had no interest in it. Nevertheless, they never uttered a single word. Even though communication
happened through thousands of other means, words remained eternally
absent, casting away any precise conceptualisation of the Hypnosean mind.

And then came the Whisperers.

In all shapes and sizes. they seemed to belong with everyone and no one at once. Their
only common characteristics were that they could speak a tongue that all understood
and did not wear any Along with a certain taste for games of meaning made
possible by the subtlety of speech. which made them delectany humorous orators, but
also fearsome manipulators for the naive souls of the forgotten continents.

Luckily, the Whisperers were inherently good, even if they sometimes used devious
means to get what they wanted. They soon became the King’s favourites, advisors, or
messengers. Some say he enjoyed their company so much that they literally flooded his
court Their whispers would come up to his ears through an incessant stream of mufiled
words, blocking out the feverish silence. Timeless, they travelled the lands of Hypnos to
deliver the King’s missives, building alliances and disarming conflicts. They were the
guardians of the world's bliss. But of course, as they were the King's most faithful allies,
they were swallowed by the Void as soon as he disappeared.

You might be asking yourself who is telling you all that ? Who can be able to recall all of
these lost times when nowadays all seem to struggle to gather their memories ?

I probably should have introduced myself first.

You can call me Y’aack... The last Whisperer.


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