Masks for Shattered: Tale of The Forgotten King will be the looted and found items that can be traded with the Merchant Raven by the Wanderer for rewards. Categories for the wiki are separated for player convenience into:




Name Description Location
legionar mask gallery item shattered wiki guide
Legionary Mask
wanderers mask gallery item shattered wiki guide
Wanderer's Mask
"The mute Wanderer, touched within his soul, once again closes his eyes. His mind is pulled from his body and disappears as a wave along the water. Fade to black"

This mask stares at you with round eyes, Can be exchanged.
spectral mask gallery item shattered wiki guide
Spectral Mask
This evanescent mask is half-faded. Can be exchanged.  
Spearman's Mask

"...not forget that our caste's greatest asset is not bravery, but stoicism. We will never be overcome with emotion, no matter the situation at hand. No fear, no despair, no ambition, no rage. Always remain..." [Memory fragment corrupted]

This finely crafted mask with half-shut eyes is made of a strong alloy, but quite visibly damaged. It seems to have lived through more fights than years... Can be exchanged.


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